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Sometimes we all need a little help, we want our little ones parties to be fun, happy and stress free.... ?

Mmmm Yeah well thats easy to say!

I am the mum of two small boys and so far have organised a fair few parties for the little lovelies and as a mum of two small boys I have been to a few kids parties now, some of them very good, some of them Errmm not so good but all of them unique.

This year my eldest has decided he would like celebrate his birthday in style and is taking several friends to see his beloved local football team play, followed by a slap up dinner at a well known hut that makes pizza, it should be great and I am looking forward to it.  My son and his friends love football, so for their party bags I will be raiding my own store cupboard but also shopping at the Football Club, they have some lovely big Lollipops in the Clubs colours, Blue and White, it could produce some interesting new tongue colours! 

When it comes to my youngest sons party, we shall spend some quality mother and son time choosing our party bag gifts together from my extensive range, he is very excited already and lots of his own idea's.

When it comes to the party bags themselves, there has been a rise in what I like to call plastic party bag snobbery, it comes from the masses of on-line party shops all trying to find there unique selling point rather than giving the kids what they really want.The truth is, that at the end of the day your kids only care about the contents of the bag, its the parents who care about the bag itself.  If you have a decent budget then by all means go all out, you can create something truly spectacular, there are some lovely fabric party bags, paper bags with tissue decoration or even party pails. Its entirely upto you, but remeber these things are to delight the parents and its your kids who are having the party, instead why not spend the money on something extra special that the kids will treasure?


To Create the perfect party bag, I suggest following these simple steps and you will do alright!

1. Set your budget per bag and stick to it

2. Think about your childs interests.

3. Decide what you are going to put your party bag fillers into.

4. Choose your Party Bag Fillers

Somethings are obvious

a) Peice of cake

b) Balloon

plain balloons have just as much fun factor as decorated ones, but there are some really great balloons about

c) Small sweet item

Kids expect sweets in their party bags no matter how much parents wish they didn't!  A happy compromise is choose just one item per bag, a little but not too much! 

d) Toys

For me this is where you need to spend most of your money and you can create a really knock out party bag without spending a fortune.

2 to 3 toys are more than enough, don't fall into the trap of trying to put lots of low cost items into the party bag, a lot of the time these things just end in up in the bin, it does no-one any good they have been produced in a foreign country by someone paid a pittance to be shipped to britain and given to children who don't want them.

Instead concentrate on quality not quantity, think about what the kids actually want and choose one higher cost quality item and two lower cost but still quality items to act as padding to fill out the bag


And there you go, job done, the are all ready to hand out on the big day.

There is nothing I like better than to see all those happy, smiling kids at the end of the party going home!  Sorry I meant going home smiling and happy! knowing that I put a smile on so many kids faces is the thing I love most about my job.

Have a lovely party

Warmest wishes





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