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Do your kids a favour!

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Party Bags! The cost of your average party bag in 2018 is effectively one week's pocket money - pocket money that you are shelling out to each one of your child's friends. You owe it to yourself to make all of those pennies count, so ask yourself this: if your child could spend their pocket money precisely how they chose, how would they spend their precious pennies? The answer would probably surprise you...

In the early days nursing my fledgling business from the first buds of an idea, I took my range of products to the road and stood beside table-tops at events up and down the land, hawking my products to dewy-eyed eager young children, all of them clutching a precious pound to spend. And let me tell you, even the youngest of them are surprisingly discerning, knowing the value of what they are gripping in their fingers; and all of them with a steely determination to buy the one thing that is truly worth relinquishing that shiny golden coin.

Imagine my dismay to see them turning away from my carefully chosen 'budget' items.

The truth is, these value items that as adults we are drawn to, because they keep our costs down, are just not what our children genuinely want.

There is a growing trend in 2018 for the one gift party favour and it’s one that we at Party Bag Kids, have happily and heartily embraced. Sometimes less really is more.

So why not wrap rattle magnets, construction kits, glitter tattoos, yo-yos, skipping ropes, cookery sets or pamper packages in a cellophane wrapping with a little curling ribbon and, for a finishing flourish, add a personalised party thank you seal.

Before you know it, you have a great set of party favours that your child cannot wait to hand out at the end of their special day. 

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Welcome to the New Year

Party like it's 2018 2018 promises to be a magnificent year for Party Bag Kids.  We're announcing today the purchase of our new premises.  Our new Party headquarters will be in Milnesbridge Huddersfield! We have every intention of moving in here in the next few weeks, new year, new horizons!  Watch this space.

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For the love of Christmas

This time of year is always exciting and so so busy!For us here at Party Bag Kids it is exactly the same too.  Our 2017 christmas range is lovely even if we do say so ourselves, our designer has worked her socks off!We have two favourites in the range this year: Christmas Eve Boxes and [...]

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Fathers Day

What will yours be doing on 19 June?  We hope you have some very special plans because Dads need some love!Check out these lovely father's day gifts from Party Bag KidsThis fabulous travel clock is a wonderful gift for dads, stylish, practical and excellent quality.Part of the same range of gift for Dads these gift [...]

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Fidget Spinners

Love em or Hate em?  What are your thoughts on Fidget Spinners?   The latest in preposterous trends, what are your thoughts about these hypnotic spinning pieces of brightly coloured metal?  Schools up and down the land are banning the fidget spinner so no doubt we will see this latest trend beginning to wane.  Right now, [...]

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65% off your order coupon code

We've hidden a 65% off your order coupon code somewhere on this website! I wonder if you can find it?  It could be anywhere!  Literally anywhere.  On a product description, in the terms and conditions (which of course you all read anyway before placing your order!) perhaps it is in the clearance section?This coupon can only [...]

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Whats New At Party Bag Kids

The more things change the more they stay the same! We have been beavering away updating our range and looking for the all the things that you want to put in your child's party bag to put a smile on their face, at the a price that puts a smile on your face. Experience tells us that [...]

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Well Child and Party Bag Kids

   We are so proud to be part of the WellChild Awards this year. Well Child is a national charity that helps seriously ill children and their families across the UK and some of the most fabulous work making sure these families have the best possible care and support wherever they are and whenever they need it. Across the [...]

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Featuring: Our latest Princess Themed Party Bag

Take a look at this lovely little party bag filler pack for little princesses all over the land!Pretty as a princess has four fab party bag favours, including a princess jigsaw and princess notebook, it also has a fun mini bead kit with all you need to make a sweet little stretch bracelet, the last [...]

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Tips and advice from a professional party planner

These think-ahead steps from our professional party planners will help you enjoy your children's party as much as your child and their guests. 2 months before your child's birthday.Start to think about your the theme of your party, you little one will probably have some quite specific ideas of their own!  Sometimes you will need a [...]

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