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Top Ten Party Bag Toys for Girls

Top Ten Party Bag Toys for Girls So the party is at an end an finally they are all going home and you can relax!  accept that it is not quite over until the party bags are given out.  Whether you love em or hate em you can be absolutely sure that all those angelic little [...]

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Our Tour de France Adventure

We are so lucky that the Grand Depart passes within a couple of miles of our house, we are close enough to plan a great adventure but not so close that the disruption effects us greatly.  There was a small amount of inconvenience trying to park at the swimming baths the day before.  I hadn't [...]

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Loom Band Giveaway.

Loom Band Giveaway. The great looming revolution has taken the country by storm and for good reason, it is so much fun!  Not just for the children, I know so many parents, grandparents and even adults without kids who are addicted to looming. It has surprised me that even my two boys have got really into creating the [...]

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My Fundraising Weekend

My Fundraising Weekend I did it! I really did it!  On the 21 st June 2014 I walked 10 miles for charity, now this might not sound like it is a massive achievement but let me explain…. I am a 15 and half stone woman with a slipped disk and sciatica, my weight is partly the reason there is no [...]

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Girls Gift Idea's

I am a mother of two boys and believe me when I say girls are so much easier to buy for!  Although there is that possibility that I am over simplifying matters as I don't have anything invested in getting it right.....  yes there is that!Still I indulge when on buying trips for girls, you [...]

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Snowflake Biscuits

Snow Flake Biscuits So as the mother of two boys I have to say the whole "Frozen" phenomenon was in danger of passing me by! Without ever seeing this wonderful movie I had thought it was a very girlie fairy themed disney movie just like countless others I have seen.  How wrong I was!  Fortunately and [...]

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Camouflage Cupcakes

Making Camouflage Cupcakes.  Super easy to make! You will need: Cupcakes! White fondant icing Green fondant icing Black fondant icing Buttercream icing Icing Sugar Rolling pin and flat surface First you need to make your base fondant icing colour, take a ball of white icing and add some green and black fondant, knead the icing together until all the colour is mixed together.  You don't [...]

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Party Gifts and Presents

Party Gifts and PresentsOur children seem to have a far better social life than parents do! There seems to be a never ending round for birthday parties and social gatherings for them to go to. It seems to start as early as 2, there are plenty of first birthday parties too, but lets be fair these ones are [...]

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Make Facebook work for you

Make Facebook work for you.Today I had and epiphany and I thought I would do the charitable thing and share it with all my lovely readers! I finally figured it out!  I've only been at it a few years!So Facebook; We all know that social media is so important for anybody who running a website [...]

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Looking Forward to Summer

Summer is just around the corner, we have had a taste of the nice weather to come and I for one am excited!Garden fetes, summer parties, fairs, BBQ's, gazebo's, outdoor games, weddings, Pimms, picnics, the beach, candy floss, ice-cream, bicycle rides, fresh air, sun on my face and lashings and lashings of ginger beer!  These [...]

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