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We are ready for business to business !

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After over a decade in retail. 

We are ready for business to business trade....   

If you own a play gym, or a dance studio, a dojo, smash room, bowling alley, laster tag or roller disco.  There is no doubt that you will be offering children's parties to your clientele and you may like most of us be a little disillusioned with the usual kind party bags that are offered to businesses.

But what if, you could offer a huge variety beautifully themed party bags, that offer your clients that element of surprise, that little smile you get when someone gives you a little more than expected.

You're remembered for it.  


And that is what we can do for you...

Party Bag Kids B2B by Tracy Angus

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Elf on the Shelf - Day 6 "Elf Work Out"

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