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Dinosaur Bones at Party Bag Kids


Party Bag Kids has launched its new range of Fossilised rocks and bones for Party Bags.

What young lad wouldn't be made up to find a Fossilised Dinosaur Tooth in his Party Bag?  These are sooo cool.  And for the girls we have some really pretty polished ammonites

 My sons couldn't decide which was was the best; 

  •  Dinosaur Bone Keyring
  •  Polished Ammonites
  •  Dinosaur Poo (corprolite) Keyring
  •  Pyrite Cube (Fools Gold)
  •  Shooting Star - a peice of genuine Tektite Glass
  •  Mini Gem Bottles 

Take a look, what would you like to find in your party bag?  

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