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A to Z Party Themes for Boys. A to C

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What started out as an easy blog post for this weeks Kids Views suddenly turned out to be a lot of fun and then too much like hard work to whittle my list of boys party themes down to just 10 themes!  

In the end I set myself the challenge to come with a theme for every letter of the alphabet, we actually love games in our family, so I have enlisted the help of all my family members and what was a dreary wet sunday afternoon has turned out nice after all!  

Here are the A to C's

A.  Adventure Time

Adventure time themed Party supplies featuring Fin and Jake with their friends on themed invitations, plates, cups, napkins and table covers.  Accessorise with plain orange coloured party bags and orange stripy straws and balloons.


A fairy straight forward party bag for Army/Warrior or Camouflage themed party and you wont be short of inspiration, tips and products!

Start as you mean to go on with Camouflaged invitations in shades of greens and browns readily available everywhere! Or have a go at doing your own with free printable downloads.  If you feeling flush why not add a small toy soldier with each invitation?

For the party bags there are also bags to choose from (pardon the pun!)  We start with a fairly standard camouflage coloured plastic party bag just right to fill with all your goodies.  If you are not into plastic then why not try a green or black paper party or a forest green cello bag, these are great if you want to give your party bags an bit of extra decoration with green and black curling ribbon, although I have to say, if your having an army themed party, then guests might not be too appreciative of curling ribbon!

As for fillers.... easy peasy!  There are quite simply truck loads of army themed goodies we have had a look and sourced the best!  We have camouflage bandanna's, tattoos, pencils, bullet themed key rings, 

     Angry Birds

Angry Birds have been huge with kids everywhere for many years now and still going strong thanks to the introduction of Star Wars Angry Birds combining two huge themes!  I am sure those savvy corporate birds will keep it going and are already on the look out for the next big alliance, in short there to stay a while longer!

Fortunately and angry bird theme is another one of those themes that where there are still masses of products to help you out with your chosen theme.

There are some great themed plastic party bags in the obligatory red or even in a star wars theme but again for those that don't get on with plastic party bags you can try a whole rainbow of paper party bags, red, black, yellow or green.  You can use theme just as they are and fill with some Angry Bird goodies or again there are so many free downloadable images that you can print our an stick on to you party bags.  For the fillers there are some great buys out there, try B&M bargains, I will be honest I have seen Angry Birds products in there being sold retail at less than I can buy wholesale!  The trouble is you can never guarantee what is going to be in there but it is always worth a try.  If you can't find anything we have some great value puzzle erasers that make a really substantial filler if left in their blister pack of three or you can split the pack and give each child a single eraser, making this a fabulous value party bag filler

Your themed goodies don't have to stop there either, with table covers, plates, cups, napkins, themed games and bunting.  Use straws in red and black


The fun starts with Avengers themed invitations featuring The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.  Or a cheaper option might be to go for a plain blue or red invitation.  Red and Blue being fairly standard super hero colours.

Use Avengers themed party tableware to keep your theme running through the party but you can jazz up you super hero party with plain red and blue accessories, such as balloons and streamers.

The cake can also be really simple as Avengers cake are readily available at your local supermarket.

B.  Batman

Batman - I love Batman, which can be such a simple party theme to pull off....  Think all things black and yellow.

You will need some licenced Batman themed products to carry your theme through and if you are feeling artistic why not try your hand at creating some Batman badge themed biscuits, there are some fabulous inspirational images available on Pinterest.

Licenced Batman party bags are available which are fun and on theme, plain coloured paper party bags might not quite cut it with this theme.

Although as a great alternative you might consider purchasing a comic themed mug, these would be fabulous filled with a sweets as a lovely party take home gift.                                                      

     Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story has enjoyed huge popularity in the passed although it star has started to wane slightly, there are still products available although you might have to start to work a little harder.   At Party Bag Kids we do stock the licensed plastic party bags and can source items such as piñatas, plates, cups and napkins

     Bush Tucker Trials

I love this theme, boy adore all things survival or camping related and it is such fun to organise.  Although it is the type of theme that you will need to get creative with.

Party Bags can take the form of survival kits and can contain items such as camouflage items, paracord bracelets or deadly 60 themed items.

Check out my Bush Tucker Trials board for more ideas!


An American theme, but it is catching on.  There is a full set of themed party tableware, great for American sports fans.


Ten Pin Bowling is a fabulous idea fro boys parties and better still most Ten Pin Bowling Alleys will have party packages where food is provided and possibly party bags and invitations as well.  Go for it! There is no real tp spend any extra money if you don't need to.

C.  Cowboy

Still popular with younglings and I for one am glad, I am a romantic about retro themes I used to play cowboys and indians when I was younger!  I love it when the younger ones still retain some of there innocence and still get some joy from a simple and unspoiled theme.  Straw and ginghamtastic!

Pinterest again!  I have put together a Pinterest board for this adorable theme.


A Disney creation that is still going strong although it now includes Planes and more importantly the fabulous Mater!   If I am honest though I am not sure how much mileage there is left in this theme.


Construction, all things yellow and diggerish will do here!  You can use plain yellow party tableware  or mix and match with some of the Digger themed table ware out there.  Personally I would use plain yellow paper party bags and fill with plenty of boyish toys.  A multi pack of small digger toys would be great value if the pack were to be split and a single digger toy put in each bag.

Comic Book

This has to be a fabulous theme for a boys pre-teen party.  Bright colours, red, blues and yellows and super hero's abound!  There a plenty of free printables on line.  We also stock a great co-ordinating range of comic strip themed party tableware, mugs, egg cup favours and party bunting.  

There is something about a comic strip themed party that requires hot dogs with mustard and comic stip cones filled with chips!  There are also some really cool ideas using primary coloured jelly!  I have created a pinterest board filled with lots of different ideas.

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