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"Behind every child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first" Author unknown.

I found this quote this morning an it really struck a cord with me, at first glance it is quite cutesy an button pushing but actually I do think there is an important message here.

We all know it to be true but sometimes we do need a little reminder too.  We all need reminding of a little things so maybe these cutesy types of status posts have a place after all.

My children are both confident happy little individuals and I thanks my stars for that but even so I am often surprised by how fragile and in need of reassurance they are, I love them to pieces and tell them so everyday and still they need to hear it [everyday], I ask them how they are? [everyday] and even though I am usually greeted with grunt and a "Fine mum" I still ask, I always will.

I love them, care for them, protect them, I wipe their tears, sooth their fears, feed them, ferry them, get them out of bed when they need it, put them into bed when its time! 

But it is my husband who truly believes in them, its my husband who has always believed in me too and I forget just how special that feeling is and what a boost it is, especially on your darkest days when someone shines a bright shiny light on you and tells you that you can.  

What is more when it turns out that their right you believe them next time too!

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