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Looking Forward to Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, we have had a taste of the nice weather to come and I for one am excited!

Garden fetes, summer parties, fairs, BBQ's, gazebo's, outdoor games, weddings, Pimms, picnics, the beach, candy floss, ice-cream, bicycle rides, fresh air, sun on my face and lashings and lashings of ginger beer!  

These are the things I love about summer, don't get me wrong there is plenty I like about the winter, christmas being one but there is something about this time of year that puts a spring in my step as I feel the oppression of the dark winter months lifting away.

Summer Parties out in the garden in the sunshine can be just divine especially for the children, who can run riot outside and no-one seems to care, some the best times for me as a child were with group of friends, a few water pistols and a paddling pool full of water and of-course water bombs!  Sometimes we would be sensible and have changed into swimwear but most of the time we would be in soaking clothes and I definitely learnt a few lessons about wearing white cotton to a water fight!  I can't think of a better plan for children's birthday party in summer (although it is prudent to have a back up plan as well) but for a fraction of the cost of your average children's birthday party you can bet that some garden water fun will make a party your children really will remember with a lot of fondness and even better there is no need to worry about were everyone is going to sit and eat ... a few blankets and paper plates do a picnic make.  Party Bags?  Can you think of a better take home gift than the very water pistol they have had so much fun with all afternoon?  At least you know it will get some use and not land in the bin.

Hmmm but what if it rains?  Well then plan B I guess, you might have a noisy home for a while or alternatively you could keep a close eye on the weather forecast and plump for a trip to the cinema or a pizza party or even both if the worst happens, there have been some knockout children's movies recently, Frozen being the real big thing and as a retailer; yes I do wish there were some merchandise!  Its a fabulous movie that really has captured many young imaginations around the world and even in the heat of summer I'm betting it will still be a huge theme for any children's party in 2014.

We are still expecting lots of minecraft parties to be held this year, we are still not seeing much partyware in a minecraft theme but fortunately its fairy easy for every parent to cook up some great minecraft goodies and games, there are lots of idea's across the internet, we really like lego creeper speed-build competition that we came up for one of our clients... split the children into two teams and challenge them to build a creepers face out of green and black lego bricks as quickly as they can.  If you eliminate the loosing team and split the winning team into two new teams then challenge them again, you will get to the winner fairly soon!  I was quite amazed at how well this game went down.  The winner and runner up walked away with a lego creeper kit each (which we had had to put together ourselves) and were very happy to do so.

I would love to hear about your summer party ideas .....


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