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Pirate Parties

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We have been thinking a lot about pirate parties. There are certain party themes that just never seem to get old and a good pirate party theme is one of them!

Pirates as a theme has taken a few different guises recently a good one being a Peter Pan theme, where you have pirates for the boys and Tinkerbell for the girls. There hasn't been a recent Pan movie and so there has been a gap to fill, we are seeing a rise the popularity of Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but generally speaking the pirate party theme is back to being just that ... "Pirates" it is so refreshing!It used to be that all children boys and girls used to enjoy playing cowboys and indians, today's child is a little more discerning, you can probably look to Disney as one good reason for this, so today's party themes tend not to be just "Cowboys" or "Dinosaurs" but instead you can look to Toy Story, Cars or for girls there is nothing other than Frozen! well maybe 1D but thats another story.

To celebrate we have extended our range of Pirate themed party supplies and we would love to tell you about them!

Pirate Gold can be found in many forms such as the fabulous idea we found for Oreo treasure, Oreo cookies covered in an edible golden lustre dust creates a truly inspired edible pirate treasure stash, you can also find chocolate coins really easily, but what about those looking for real treasure?

What would you think to chunk of fools gold?  If you have never seen a large lump of it, you can't help but be struck by the beauty of pyrite which sparkles far more brightly than real gold.

Our in house focus group all really like these, they all wanted a piece to take home which is always a great sign!


The Treasure Box treasure chest we introduced last year is still as popular as ever, often out of stock as we find it a little difficult to keep up with demand!

The core range of pirate products remains the same with bracelets, rings, necklaces, wrist bands and bandana's.

And finally check the 2015 Pirates Cove filled party bag.....


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