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Popular Pocket Money Toys This Week

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Its been another really busy time this week with lots of very different items leaving our shelves.

Predictably with the arrival of the sun and summer just around the corner, we have seen a massive rise in the number of water bombs leaving us!   


They are flying out of the door both as an item on there own and as part of one of our best selling summer filled party bags...
The Boys of Summer!  

I can't imagine why boys find this party bag in particular so appealing!

We will soon be on a buying trip to extend our existing summer range, this year we have plans afoot to acquire some bubbles wands, kites and water pistols to add to all those lovely outdoor fun activities.

Those small boxes of fun snaps remain a perennial favourite, you may be surprised to know that mums can get just as excited to see one of those little boxes as the younglings do, they bring back memories of those long summers we used to have, full of out-door play... all day!

There is almost always a rise the number of jokes and prank items that leave us during the summer too, perhaps it is the effect of the sunshine, it just makes us all smile, so we are stocking up on exploding bags and whoopee cushions and on a mission to find some pocket money priced splatter balls.

I really miss playing marbles in the school playground, I couldn't imagine schools allowing marbles into school these days but back in my day, this was a big favourite!  There are a few boxes of marbles in the store, waiting for that great marble revival that I am sure is just around the corner.

This year I think we are going to see a big push back to out-door play, I think we are all ready for it, personally I cannot wait, it has been long overdue so look out for lots of bubbles, skipping ropes, hula hoops and also bicycles and tents.  

2015 is going to be a fun summer... Are you ready?


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