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Robot Party Inspiration

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If your little one is a robotics fan then they are certainly not alone!  Lots of youngsters are robot fanatics especially thanks to the likes of the magnificent golden C3PO, the cute R2D2 and BB-8.  

"These are not the droids you are looking for!"  

Obi-Wan Kenobi - A New Hope

Our world is getting increasingly populated with robots, droids, and artificial intelligence of all kinds and this has been noticed in the children's party world, robots and droids have become an ever increasingly popular theme.

Although at the time of writing (2020) we have to admit that the whole of the children's party scene might be a little bit flat!  We can't help but look forward to a time when we can celebrate our children's birthdays with just as much flamboyance, colour and youthful joy as we have ever done.

With this in mind, we set our minds to planning an imaginary robot themed party on a shoe string of course; We are all managing on less just now, but that shouldn't have to mean that we cannot have a wonderful droid party.

Our imaginary party starts with some really cute party invitations, it may not come as any great shock to those reading our blog, but we do have some great invitations for you to use.  They are colourful, bright and really cheerful, we especially love the cutest of little puppy droid's that features strongly in this design.  

Once the invitations have been sent out and you are waiting for the RSVP's you can be planning your party decor.  We put together a mood board,it's packed full of idea's and not just from Party Bag Kids either, we're generous, we've collected idea's from all over the internet and gathered them together in a single  pinterest board.

Some of the best decor idea's we found we're so simple, for instance you could create your own really simple but very effective banner by cutting out some brightly coloured cogs from card and stringing them together with a little fishing wire.  Either hang them on the wall like traditional banners or hang them dangling from the ceiling.  We like the lightening bolt, cogs and stars that feature in our design, you could use these shapes to make a matching banner.

Another idea that did catch our eye, involves recycling old tin cans, shaping them into robot arms and legs with a spray painted boxes for the body and head, we love the idea of using pan scrubbers and old nuts and bolts to decorate your robot, it'll make an eye catching centrepiece for sure.

Even more simple to do is to wrap old boxes in brightly coloured metallic wrapping paper, use a mixture of box sizes and dress your party entrance way with a huge display of metallic wrapped gifts in lots of different sizes and colours.

Interesting bits of decor can be added simply by adding your party bags to your display, if you have a pass the parcel then add this to the party table as well.  We have a brilliant range of themed chocolate coins, so go ahead and sprinkle your table with themed chocolate coins, we are sure they will be snapped up when it's time to eat, or you can use them as really simple prizes that everyone will enjoy.

Front and centre of your party table should always be your cake!!!  

A party is not a party without cake! 

If your craft skills are up to the job of creating your own cake, then believe us here at Party Bag Kids we salute you.

We are picturing fondant icing cogs and wheels in the brightest of colours, I am told this is easy with some round icing cutters, at least our source tells us it is easy, personally there is no-one here that is sure about that, and certainly no-one willing to attempt it!

There are many utterly fantastic idea's for robot cakes out there on the ethernet, but again check out our pinterest board for the best of those idea's that we could find.  We don't make cake so we haven't images we can show you here, but I sure wish we did!  Good luck with your cake hunting.  Your cake really does set the scene on you party table like nothing else will.  

A growing party trend is to think up clever and interesting names for your party food, create some little labels for each plate and away you go.

We have created a list of party food names for you:

Battery Cell's, Spanners, Chips, Mother Board Sandwiches, Megabytes, Motor Oil, Liquid Fuel, Nuts and Bolts, Computer Chips, Power Cell's, Charging Points, Bot Dots, Digi Dips.

If you're planning to have your party at home, then you will need to have some engaging games ready to hand.  If you are having a two hour party then once you have allowed 10 minutes for everyone to arrive and allocated eating time then you are going to need to entertain the children for about 75 minutes. Luckily we are here again with some great idea's to save the day.

PASS THE PARCEL - 1 minute per child

You will of course have a pass the parcel, but we recommend having two, just in case!  Kids love it, but what they don't realise is that, while they're playing the game they are also having a nice little sit down, it's a great opportunity for them to calm down just a little, so again our top top tip, have two ready to go, you never know, you might just be grateful you did!

BOLT HOLE - 15 minutes

Bolt Hole is a variation on an easter egg hunt, simply hide silver nuts and bolts around your party room, make sure you have plenty for everyone to find at least a few.  Make some of them really obvious and other more difficult to find, the one that finds the most is the winner.  This is a great game for you the parents because you get to relax just a little, but one little caution, make sure you have all your valuables safely stored away!

PIN THE COG ON THE ROBOT - around 1.5 minutes per child

We all know this one of course, you need a few artistic genes to draw a robot on a big piece of card, but you don't need many.  Decide where the cog goes, make sure you have a blindfold and a piece of blue tac to stick the cog to the picture and ready an you're good to go.

You will need a distraction for the other children, whilst they are waiting their turn to play this one, other wise they may get bored waiting.


This is a great distraction game whilst you are playing pin the cog on the robot!  All you need are digestive biscuits, icing tubes, jelly tots, sprinkles, chocolate drops and those little silver ball decorations.  

The children never get tired of doing this!


Have a robot dancing competition, sometimes keeping it really simple is the best way!  You may have one or two children at your party who feel a little bit shy, and this is ok too, ask them to help you judge.


Play this one directly after your dance competition.

When the music stops, your batteries have died and you have to stay as still as possible, if you move, your out. 

The last one standing is the winner.


Hopefully you still have a pass the parcel left, soon the owners of your little guests will arrive to take them home and you will be able to breathe again, but not just quite yet.

The last thing you need to finish your party with style is a party bag.  There aren't many robot themed filled party bags on the market, but we have several very good ones!  Our deluxe party bag is filled with robot themed goodies all matching your original invitations, they are personalised and very unique.  You may be feeling the cost of your party rising and looking to save a few pennies where you can, and we have that covered too, our basic party bag is still robot themed on the outside with bright, fun and colourful party bag toys on the inside.  We also have an option in the middle that takes idea's from both but which ever you choose we know you will be happy.


Sadly, not everybody say's thank you anymore, but we all agree it makes a big difference when we do.  

We have made it easy for your child to say thank you in a really fun way, with our robot thank you postcard notes.  Just say thanks for coming, I had a great time at my party because you were there.

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