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Spotlight On Party Sweets



It is the season for sweets and candy treats and children everywhere are getting so very very excited.  

Are your ready?

Do you go all out to set the halloween scene and buy in kilo's of treats and goodies for all your local little lovelies all dressed up in their scary costumes with painted faces and their hopeful treat bags ready to fill to the brim with loot!

When my own children come home with piles of sweeties and small treats, I do wonder every year of the house holders that these treats have been extorted from really know how much it is appreciated?  Oh I no, that individual households are not remembered not really anyway but collectively I for one give thanks to all those that take part in this, the sweetest of annual rituals, my children's grins and sticky giggling faces always give me a happy moment!

We enjoy halloween in our house, last year, I made a jelly and added sweet jelly worms, it looked great but was hilarious as the jelly seeped into the sweets, it made them soggy and squishy to eat, a sensation not everybody enjoyed!  We also made cocktail sausages with spaghetti threaded through them.  I confess this was an idea I saw on Pinterest but it made me a hero in the eyes of my children and that is priceless!  I hope to impress this year by making jelly worms from scratch, another Pinterest inspired idea, where by you pour liquid jelly into a group of straws and when it is set you can squeeze out jelly worms! Doesn't that sound delightful?

This year I shall make a lollipop tree, full of treats for the children to take one each, our lollipop tree's have been so popular but it is to me shame that I have not yet made one for my family, so we shall rectify that this year!

Our local school has placed a huge order for pumpkin and ghost pops, spider eggs and ghost tears for their halloween disco, I have had fun making those too!

In the office we have many orders placed for our very special halloween goody boxes filled to the brim with sweets and treats and personalised for that special little person in your life, we have a few more left but not many so do get in touch quickly if you would like one.

All the pumpkin piñatas are now sold, phew!  We shall need to buy many more of those next year but we can still help  with piñata fillers if you need them, pumpkin pops, ghost pops, packets of spider eggs, ghosts tears, frogs, witch hearts and vampire pellets, scary tattoo's, fun stretchy joke spiders, girls choker necklaces and barbed wire bracelets!  There are a lot of things to choose from.

There are also many none sweet treat halloween items in store, fancy dress costumes, giant spiders on headbands, lanterns, broomsticks, axes and for the grown ups we some goth inspired candle bowls and decorations.

What ever you are doing this Halloween, have a blast doing it, I know we shall.

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