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Star Wars - The Force Awakens Party Supplies

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So are we excited yet?  Frozen ... Smozen blue is officially out with Red and Black being officially in.

Disney joins forces with George Lucas and a monster of a merchandising machine is born... I'm sorry did I say that loud?

The Force Awakens is already showing signs of outstripping Frozen in the party popularity stakes and the new colours of the moment are definitely Red and Black.  

Plain coloured red and black party supplies are flying from the shelves as well as the official Star Wars themed party plates, cups, napkins, table decorations, table covers, pennant banners, invitations, party bags, stickers, badges and too many more to mention.  At the time of writing the movie hasn't even been released yet....  I along with so many others have booked my tickets to see it at the cinema, not on opening night I hasten to add!  But definitely in the early days!

So what are we hawking then?  All the usual stuff and a few bits more...

The official Star Wars The Force Awakens party tableware...

Saber Sweeties anyone?

Yum yum!

Thermal Detonators or chocolate covered malt balls to you and I.  

These are personalised packets of star wars themed party bag sweets, of course we need to redo them in red!  Just ask and we will...

Take a look at our Red Party BagsStar Wars Party page, if you don't see what you are looking for please get in touch, we can get it for you!

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