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Summer Holiday Birthday

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Does you little one have a birthday during the summer holidays?

Your not alone!  I do, so coping with a holiday birthday is a subject close to me heart, in my day a birthday party wasn't  every year and something to be treasured, now a days it seems to be almost expected as an annual occurrence and I know many families who experience the same problems with the holiday birthday party every year.

These are families that have had parties in the holidays with limited success, people do seem to either forget or are on holiday themselves, and when friends can't make it, it is so disappointing for the birthday child.  I have heard stories of august children who have had parties with so few of their friends turn up that it is heart breaking...

So how can you make the a difference for your boy or girl?

Here a few tips and tricks

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 1

Think about having your party either just before the holidays in July or perhaps just after the holidays in September.  This can work really well if your child birthday is at either end of the six weeks summer break.  If your little one has a birthday in the middle of the break, you can still make this idea work well by have a big party just before holiday break and then a family celebration on their true birthday or a birthday treat with their best friend.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 2

If you do have a party in the holidays, make sure you send out your invitations in plenty of time, there are lots of busy mums that finish the school term and then don't look into the school bags again until they are getting ready to go back to school in September, so you don't want your invitation getting lost in the bag.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 3

Make sure you ask for an RSVP with a mobile number.  Many busy families have lots going on during the holidays with days out, family visits, or simple pyjama days!  Its easy to simply forget, but if you have a number for all your guests you can avoid forgetful no shows with a quick reminder a couple of days before the big day.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 4

If you have a lot of guests who haven't replied don't necessarily assume that means they are not coming, they may have misplaced the invitation, they may have been unsure and then simply forgotten to reply.  Don't be shy before school breaks don't forget to check with the parents (and get a number!).

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 5

There are some fabulous party venue's around, but some of them have a really high minimum guest number, if you have a lot of no shows this can get expensive if you have had to pay for them anyway.

Go for a venue where is doesn't matter if your guest list is large of whether it is select and exclusive.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 6

Check plans with the parents of any special friends to make sure there are no clashes with the people that really count.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 7

If your guest list is likely to be small and select, consider having your party in your own home, a tea party, movie night, a garden party, paddling pool party or nerf gun or water bomb party.  At these parties, the guests can really appreciate having just a few close friends around.

Holiday Birthday Party Tip 8 

Have Fun!

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