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What are you doing for Halloween this year?

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Halloween has to be one of my favourite times of the year!

My children don't get to have much in the way of sweets and sugary treats in their diet, much to my disappointment really.

My heart tells me that children almost have a right to eat sweets, its part of being a kid! My head tells a me very different story and most of the time my head wins out, but not at Halloween!

During halloween my children can gorge and binge themselves to their hearts content and too my surprise and pride they know when enough is enough, they stop eating when the time is right and better still they share the spoils!

The smell of halloween is the smell of fireworks and candy floss which is divine! And every year we buy four huge pumpkins and challenge each other to a pumpkin decorating competition.... I wont lie to you, I am rubbish, and the kids... well they are kids, but my husband, now he has a unique blend of imagination and talent for creating pumpkin originals, he tends to use other vegetables as well, so we might get the odd carrot nose or broccoli ears, he never fails to produce something to amuse and delights us!

Every year I manage to pick up another little Autumn decoration, so we have quite a collection of broomsticks, skeletons, spiders and skulls, the boys love deciding where it is all going to go and then of course there are the costumes.  Girls have such a fab time dressing up all year round, boys need more of an excuse and halloween is perfect, we don't always go for an overtly scary costume, sometimes it has been Scooby Doo, or Chewbacca, both costumes are lovely and warm for a late October evening on the streets!

We have some great fun with food as well, this year I have found a fab idea for creating jelly worms that I can't wait to try, what you do is create your jelly mixture and bundle up some straws and place them in a tall container, you need to add a small amount of jelly into the straws to set at the bottom of the container, that way once it has set you can add the rest of the jelly into the straws and it sets within the straws themselves.  I watched thinking, how will you get those out, but then they were so easily squeezed out with finger and thumb, I was amazed.... it is definitely on the list of things to do this year!

So thats our plan.... What are you up to?

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