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Sweet Birthday Treats

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Creativity in the Face of Environmental Change

The recent ban on single-use plastics has brought significant changes across various industries, and the party-planning sector is no exception. One of the most noticeable impacts has been on the availability of sweet cones—a beloved party favour for children and adults alike. As manufacturers discontinue plastic sweet cone bags, these once-common treats are becoming rare finds. However, this shift presents an exciting opportunity for party professionals and sweet suppliers to explore creative and sustainable alternatives for sweet presentations.

Sweet cones have been a staple at parties, particularly children’s celebrations, for years. Typically, these cones are plastic bags filled with an assortment of colourful candies, sealed with a twist tie or ribbon. They are easy to make, visually appealing, and a hit with partygoers. Yet, with increasing environmental awareness and legislative action against single-use plastics, the sweet cone is quickly fading from the party scene.

The decline of the traditional sweet cone need not spell the end of delightful party favours. 

Instead, it opens the door to more eco-friendly and innovative presentations. 

Here are some alternatives to consider:

Paper and Compostable Bags

Swap plastic for biodegradable options like paper or compostable cellophane bags. These materials decompose much faster than plastic and can be decorated just as beautifully.

Mason Jars

Small mason jars are a charming and reusable option. They can be filled with sweets and decorated with ribbons or custom labels, making them a keepsake guests can reuse.

Glassine Envelopes

Glassine is a smooth, glossy paper that is both biodegradable and resistant to air and grease. It’s perfect for presenting sweets elegantly while being kind to the environment.

Fabric Pouches

Drawstring pouches made from cotton or burlap offer a rustic, reusable alternative. These can be personalised with names or themed designs, adding a special touch to the party favour.

Cardboard Boxes

Small, decorated cardboard boxes can be used to hold sweets. They are sturdy, recyclable, and can be customised to fit any party theme.

Edible Containers

Why not make the container part of the treat? Edible options like waffle cones, chocolate cups, or candy bowls can hold sweets and be enjoyed along with the contents.

Origami Paper Cones

Using origami techniques to fold decorative paper into cones can create beautiful, eco-friendly sweet holders. These can be tailored to match the party theme and are entirely biodegradable.

Plant-able Seed Paper Bags

These innovative bags are made from paper embedded with seeds. After enjoying the sweets, guests can plant the bag and grow flowers or herbs, offering a delightful post-party activity.

Transitioning away from single-use plastics encourages party planners and suppliers to think creatively about how they present sweets and other party favours. This shift not only benefits the environment but also enhances the overall aesthetic and uniqueness of party gifts. By embracing these sustainable alternatives, we can create memorable, eco-friendly celebrations that reflect our commitment to a healthier planet.

The phase-out of single-use plastic sweet cones marks a significant change in party planning, pushing us towards more sustainable practices. While the loss of the traditional sweet cone may be felt, the myriad of creative alternatives available ensures that party favours remain a highlight of any celebration. Embracing these changes can lead to more beautiful, thoughtful, and environmentally friendly party experiences. So, let’s welcome this opportunity to innovate and create new traditions that align with our values and our vision for a sustainable future.

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