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Loom Band Giveaway.

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Loom Band Giveaway.

The great looming revolution has taken the country by storm and for good reason, it is so much fun! 

Not just for the children, I know so many parents, grandparents and even adults without kids who are addicted to looming. It has surprised me that even my two boys have got really into creating the double fishtail bracelets, which do look great and take surprisingly little effort.  I have been kept very busy with the demand for these friendship bracelets; with requests for forever more complicated ones coming in.  I have to say though there are some stunning designs; you only need to type four letters into you tube!

I love the ideas I have found for pencil grips, as a parent I can grasp onto this very practical idea and suddenly it doesn’t all seem like a magnificent waste of time!

On a very work related point of view I also think that friendship bracelets made from the loom bands are a brilliant idea for party bags. They are something that will keep your own child amused for while making them for her friends and they really wont cost very much at all, you’ve probably already got everything you need to make them as well!  It’s got to be a win win!

Unfortunately I haven’t got any daughters nor do have a party to plan in the near future; it is real shame as I am sure I would plan a loom band party….. It would be an awful lot of fun, I would need a loom kit for all the guests, but that is not expensive and a whole lot of little rubber bands, but again this does not have to be expensive. 

All that would be needed then is research!  I would have an excellent excuse to spend many hours researching interesting band designs and how to make them!

Even the take home gifts are sorted out already, with the loom they have used and the bracelets they have made themselves.

All in I would expect a loom band party to cost about £4 per head and that is great value.  Especially with one of our looming kits.

The rainbow loom kit is great for looming beginners, it contains all you need to get started including some basic instructions also included in the kit is a good quality loom, a looming tool, some “S” clips and 600 bands in assorted colours.

My own personal recommendation for those who are also looking to purchase some additional looming bands is go for a lot of black in addition to all those other very pretty colours. The black acts as a great background colour to really accent the brighter colours that you will want to use.

The boys really appreciate the camouflage coloured packs of bands as well the bright oranges and yellows, while the girls are just happy with lots of bright colours to choose from.

Giveaway Details

For all you lucky readers we are celebrating this great new craft that is sweeping the nation by giving away one looming kit to with every order over £25.

To claim your free looming kit all you need to do is place your order on-line and add a looming kit to your order, use the discount code LOOM25 at check out and the cost of the loom kit will be deducted from your order.  

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