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Party Bag of the Week

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Party Bag of the Week

We haven't had a party bag of the week for absolutely ages!

Newly created and especially for girls, we have a lot of filled party bags for boys that contain items that are supplied with both boys and girls items, so we have created Dudettes, which contains all those extra girls items that are left over... 

We are actually very pleased with the results, there is no generic themed other than girlie colours and it works really well.

The stretch monkeys are quite pretty in pink and purple, the monkey material has a slight shimmer to it that works well in pink, we find the boys stretchy monkeys fly out of the door but as they are labelled as goodies for boys specifically, we are always left with the pink and purple ones.

We have the same issue with the crocodile erasers, bought in as erasers for the boys we are never quite sure what to do with the pink ones but here they are and looking fab in this great girls party bag.

Punch balloons we do sell both for boys and girls, the girls ones tend to be much more popular for a reason none of us can quite fathom, we have discovered though that there are many times when girls actually prefer the boys party bags to the girls ones, that is unless the girls ones contain the lip glosses!  Then it is somewhat different!

And last but not least the mini bead kits, a perennial favourite!  Just enough beads to make a cute wooden bracelet for each guest.

So there you have it and Shhhh but its 20% off!

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