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Top tips to create the perfect ballerina birthday experience

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The Perfect Ballerina Experience

Transforming a home or a dance hall into a party palace is one of my favourite things to do especially when you find the perfect space to transform into a ballet experience.

When creating the perfect ballet experience, it's crucial not only to create visually appealing places but also to ensure that from the moment dancers step in, they are enchanted and immersed in the world of ballet.

En Point Turning Five with Grace and Elegance


Dancers received personalised ballet slipper invitations, which they brought to the party. These invitations were then stamped with a custom logo of our ballet company. We wanted to make the entrance exciting, so we set up a ballet barre where dancers could do warm-up exercises and prepare for the performance.


We designed and crafted bespoke ballet costumes, allowing dancers to choose their favourite designs and accessories to wear during the performance.


Dancers enjoyed performing on stage with professionally designed backdrops and lighting, creating a magical atmosphere.


An interactive photo booth was set up for dancers and guests to capture memories of the day, featuring ballet-themed props and backgrounds.


Delicate tutus and pointe shoes adorned the walls, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to the studio.


Our ballet instructors led fun ballet exercises and imaginative adventures, ensuring everyone had a chance to participate and enjoy the day. 

We also set up ballet-themed games for additional entertainment and prizes.  

Gorgeous prizes included ballet themed pin badges, notebooks, bracelets and sticker sheets

Ballet Party Supplies


As the centrepiece of the celebration, we created a stunning cake display featuring a ballet-themed cake and delicious treats.


Of course we used our very own ballet themed party favours, wrapped in gorgeous ballet pink and hand finished in two tone curling ribbon and topped off with a pretty personalised ballet themed party seal. 

Ballet party supplies

Turning 5 never looked so graceful!

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