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What's New At Party Bag Kids?

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The more things change the more they stay the same!

We have been beavering away updating our range and looking for the all the things that you want to put in your child's party bag to put a smile on their face, at a price that puts a smile on your face.

Experience tells us that most are looking for one two very different types of party bags:

The first group are looking for something special, not to be snobbish about it but put simply, these are parents who like to indulge their children especially on their birthdays and who can find fault with that, so with these shoppers in mind we have introduced a range of party bag fillers that consist of just one main gift with a few sweets, nicely presented as a little gift, thanking their guests for coming. Each comes with its own gift tag or party bag seal with its own simple message, tell us your theme and we will add an image to match all included in the price.

What kind of items can you find in these party bag gifts? Light up yoyo's, building bricks mini figures, rattle magnets, spiky urchin bouncers, train whistles, fighter jet model kits, pirate sets, neon party body paints or even if your very lucky; A fidget spinner.

Plenty to choose from and lots of unisex items in the mix as well. So we know that no-one is going be disappointed.

So what about the second group of buyers: what are they looking for?

In a nutshell, cheap and cheerful and there is nothing wrong with that either, here at Party Bag Kids, we do refuse to purchase those items that we know are heading straight for the bin and we do search long and hard for those items that still come in on budget and yet are still decent as well, they're out there you just need to look a little harder, which is why we do that bit for you!

Items like stationery sets, bubbles, balloons, little bags of sweets, tattoo's, mini jigsaw and stickers.

Take our advice and theme you party bag however you wish with a personalised gift tag in the theme of your choice.

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