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5 Favourite Fairy Party Products

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5 Favourite Fairy Party Products

Fairy's are still a favourite party theme, we keep reinventing the theme with some really pretty designs for party table decoration, usually in the prettiest pinks and lilacs, occasionally the deepest purple and not forgetting of course; Tinkerbell green.  

In fact one of my all time favourite character party bags were shaped Tinkerbell ones

In fact one of my all time favourite character party
bags were shaped Tinkerbell ones, sadly they are not available anymore.

But we can recreate some pretty alternatives with forest green paper party bags, green tulle, tissue paper and ribbon.

But then of course what should you put in a Tinkerbell Fairy themed party bag?

1)  A magic wand, this is a must for all wanna be fairies!
2)  Fairy dust, choose a pretty colour, pink, green or blue are my favourites
3)  Some fairy jewellery
4)  A Fairy Tattoo
5)  Some fairy munchies, a small bag of sweeties and some cake.

I have to say though after all is said and done Vidia was always my favourite Tinkerbell character!

For Cinderella fans we have created our own special favours

By far my favourite fairy party favour is our own branded little Princess basket filled with little goodies

But here are a selection of filled party bags fit for a princess or little fairy

Silver Mist Party Bag

Silver Mist

Bag of Friendship

Princess Basket

Silver Star Gift Bauble

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