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Boys Christmas Stocking Fillers Now in Stock

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Christmas Stocking Fillers Now in Stock

We really can't believe it is that time of year again, 2014 has been such a busy and exciting year and it really has flown by.

This christmas time we are doing things a little differently, especially as we now have an all brand new children's gift store to play with.  So this christmas we have an exciting new range of children's gifts and stocking fillers and we are just bursting to tell you all about them!

Shall we start with the boys gifts?

What is the boys must have toy this christmas?  Last year is what Minecraft and the craze is still there, we have Minecraft toys!  For a long time you just couldn't get minecraft merchandise anywhere so when it finally arrived on our shores in time for last years christmas you guys went crazy! Its hard not to have the same stock again this year....

At £19.95 a set the Overworld Delux Papercraft Set us such good value and will give your little one hours of fun away from the computer or console! Building the blocks, chest, trees, creeper, steve and the pig!  I found that there are so many blocks in this set to build that the whole family got involved and the my children spent ages playing with there new world, really playing in the old fashioned way, with imagination and everything!  I have to admit being a little bit unsure of spending so much money on essentially paper, but I smile every time I see them playing with it.

Next for the boys and at a slightly lower price point we have lego and star wars combined into one great keylight keyring, the figures are quite large at around 10cm tall so it is fairly substantial and both feet light up in to a mini torch, just what you might need at this time of year and as it has a keyring attachment it is very handy to carry around on their school bags and what not.  Available in both Darth Maul and the only character that Star Wars was ever about: Darth Vader.

Nicely boxed just right as extra little stocking fillers and priced at £8.50.

Perhaps you have a comic book nut in the family?  What about these great mugs and egg cups, why not fill one of the mugs with your child's favourite sweets, thats got to be a hit, the  mugs are priced at £2.75 and filled with sweets that has to be a winner!

 Wham, Bam, Kapow!

As ever we have all sorts of little stocking fillers, from pirate wallets to sticky alien catapults (very popular), boxed cars and gliders and also not forgetting this year we have some umbrella's for boys.  These clever little brollies change colour in the rain, looking out of my window right now there is a lot of rain so these would be very very handy, I am thinking I may need one for the journey home

 For boys there is either a pirates or rockets both a fantastic.

In any case, thank you for looking have a great time christmas shopping!

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