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Top Ten Party Bag Toys for Girls

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Top Ten Party Bag Toys for Girls

So the party is at an end an finally they are all going home and you can relax!  accept that it is not quite over until the party bags are given out.  Whether you love em or hate em you can be absolutely sure that all those angelic little children you have been entertaining for the last couple of hours think that the party bag is THE most important thing about going to a party!  

They do firmly believe this even though they don't actually really care whats in their party bag!  But it should at the very least work ....  right?

Here are my top ten party bag toys for girls.

10.  Skipping Ropes

It's summer!  Every girl needs a skipping rope and it is one of those toys that will always get played with.  Bulky enough to fill the party bag, with a few sweets it really is all you need.

9.   Surprise Eggs

Toys, stickers and candy, what else can I say?

8.   Novelty Pen Pots

Adorable novelty pen pots are a lovely keepsake for girls party bags and have a use, these are just right when filled with a little notebook and pen.

7.   Novelty Easers

Girls have an in-built love for all things stationery and collectable novelty erasers are always a enjoyed.

6.   Lip gloss

With lip gloss you can't go wrong for the younger ones, pre-teens and even teenagers!  Pick something pretty and every girl will skip home happy.

5.   Mini Gem Bottles

Rocks for the girls, these are a pretty little keepsake, especially the rose quartz

4.   Tattoo's

Boys or girls they all adore temporary tattoo's, be it either a really simple  single mini tattoo or a whole strip of temporary tattoo's.  They are one of those things that will always get used and are easily removed with a little baby oil.

3.   Jewellery

A luxury item for sure but also a great keep sake and one that signifies friendship when its worn afterwards.

2.   Mini Roll of Love Hearts

Every party bag needs sweets and every girls loves love hearts.

1.   Loom Bands!

It couldn't be anything else right now.  

At 99p a packet its not the cheapest possible party bag toy, but other then a few sweets and cake there is no need to put anything else in your party bag at all.  Loom bands are so hot at the moment its a guaranteed winner with both girls and boys.

So there you have it my top ten ideas for girls party bag fillers.

Best wishes for a great party

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